Evolving chemotherapeutics



About Deflexifol

Deflexifol is an all-in-one injectable reformulation of two widely used off-patent cornerstone chemotherapeutic drugs, 5-fluorouracil and leucovorin. It offers significant benefits in terms of reduced side effects, ease of administration, and potentially increased efficacy. The improved formulation of 5FU (Deflexifol) could replace the standard 5FU in all regimens using 5FU or capecitabine in the appropriate tumor types such as colon, breast, head and neck and pancreas.

Deflexifol has undergone a detailed preclinical program, including formulation chemistry, bioequivalence, efficacy and safety/toxicity studies. Results indicate the Deflexifol formulation:
• is stable
• displays bioequivalence to 5-FU
• exhibits strong anti-neoplastic properties with a low side effect profile.

Deflexifol (previously known as Fluorodex) is currently undergoing a Phase 1b/2a trial. Read about Deflexifol in the clinic here.